Retro Gaming Expo Fans Advised To Avoid Anti-Ghostbusters Reboot Critic

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The Ghostbusters reboot came and went. It was quite a roller coaster ride of disdain when the movie released. Celebrity Leslie Jones was even a target of online Twitter trolls.

Now, it still appears that there is some lingering discourse towards the anti-Ghostbusters reboot movement as YouTuber “Angry Video Game Nerd”, James Rolfe, was a subject of a smear attempt by The Portland Mercury, according to One Angry Gamer.

The publication declared Rolfe as “one of the jackasses behind last spring’s misogynist anti-Ghostbusters campaign.” Portland Mercury Managing Editor Erik Henriksen penned the tangential write-up.

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In a request for a comment the Editor of the the Portland Mercury, Wm. Steven Humphrey told Monkeys Fighting Robots:

“Our side of the story is what Erik wrote, and we’re sticking with it,” said Humphrey.

According to the The Portland Mercury, like Portland itself, the Mercury is decidedly independent. Bright, sometimes bruising, and undeniably funny, we detail local music, arts, and news with passion and authority.

The gaming community has come to Rolfe’s defense.

Twitter user Lyle Yiannopoulos spotted and tweeted the statement made about Rolfe as the posting told the Portland community to avoid his events at the 2016 Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

Apparently, there is still some “nerd rage” against Rolfe. Some members of the geek community labeled him as misogynistic, but his video regarding how he wasn’t going to see the reboot was simply that.

The only thing that Rolfe talked about in regards to gender entailed how to identify the reboot vs. the 80s original.

“You know what everybody’s been calling it? The female Ghostbusters. I hear that all the time. The female Ghostbusters. Does that mean we have to call the old one the male Ghostbusters? It doesn’t matter, but I can’t blame everybody for identifying it that way because there’s no other way to identify the movies. There’s no other name for it. It’s just Ghostbusters.”

Do you think The Portland Journal was justified in warning convention attendees to avoid Rolfe’s events? Did you consider this publication unprofessional, libelous, and non-objective in their posting?

At the the time of publishing this article, Rolfe had yet responded to our attempts for a comment.

Sources: One Angry Gamer, The Portland Mercury

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Retro Gaming Expo Fans Advised To Avoid Anti-Ghostbusters Reboot Critic 2


Retro Gaming Expo Fans Advised To Avoid Anti-Ghostbusters Reboot Critic 3

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