Five Bold Predictions of ‘Back to the Future, Part II’

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“Back to the Future day”, that fateful day when Marty and Doc travel ahead to October 21, 2015, has arrived. Let’s see what Back to the Future Part II got right. Or partly, maybe a little right…


Chicago Cubs Winning World Series

Let’s start with one of the most obvious. Now screenwriter Bob Gale, who’s a St. Louis Cardinals fan, could not have predicted the current Major League Baseball playoff system. One thing he did predict was the Cubs winning the World Series against the Miami franchise. A couple of things.

First, Miami’s franchise was represented by a gator. Secondly, the Miami Marlins play in the National League East Division so it’s physically impossible for them to play for the world championship.

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Finally, the good and the bad news about the 2015 postseason. The good news is it’s possible for the Cubs to win the World Series given current scheduling. The bad news is they’re currently on the verge of being swept by the New York Mets, who are up 3-0 in the National League Championship Series. The Cubbies have some work to do.

Hollywood Making Jaws 19

In a satirical way, Gale is spot on with Hollywood’s obsession with sequels, but there aren’t that many Jaws films. Then again, given the craze behind Sharknado and the Hollywood rebooting bonanza, don’t be surprised if they take another crack at the franchise.

Universal Studios released a fake trailer for the film so you can see what might have been.

Jaws 19 also demonstrates what could be a staple movie-going experience in augmented reality with complete immersion in the films like the way Jaws “ate” Marty. We’re already seeing that with improved 3D technology and D-Box.

Hoverboards/Flying Cars

Not Mattel, but Lexus created the technology to allow for real life hoverboards as it was covered here.

It’s not widely commercially available in the market, but it definitely a huge technological innovation. While hoverboards might see a wide release as parts become cheaper to make, don’t expect the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Motor Vehicles to casually license flying car drivers any time soon given the incredible hazards.

Flat-Screen TVs

Back to the Future is certainly not the first or last science fiction film to predict the advent of high-definition flat TVs being in every home in the future.

If anything, much of the technology has gone thinner and more flexible so that any image can be placed on any surface beyond the realm of projection technology with curved TVs and 4K screens.

In fact, screens are becoming even more flexible and lightweight than ever before.

Fax Machines Everywhere/Wireless Printing

While BTTF 2 predicted fax machines in every major room in the house, fax technology is still being used but its usage is not as wide as predicted with emails and electronic documents being the predominant form of interoffice communications now. There are still a number of companies that still use fax to process documents.

One innovation that may be overlooked is BTTF 2 demonstrated how wireless printing will work. Make no mistake, faxes still rely on physical connections to phone lines to process documents in real time. The fact you can print from anywhere on demand was revolutionary for its time.

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