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Doom Patrol is starting to really come together landing two of the most talented actors in Alan Tudyk and Brendan Fraser.

The two will be joining the cast for DC Universe SVOD service TV Series, according to Deadline.

Tudyk will be playing the villain Eric Morden aka Mr. Nobody. Morden was subject to unknown experiments by ex-Nazis in post-war Paraguay, which turns him into a living shadow able to drain the sanity of others and abuses the power to nefarious means, reveling in the insanity and chaos.

Fraser will be playing Cliff Steele aka Robotman. Steele was a former race car driver who became involved in a serious accident leaving near death. Fortunately, his brain is saved by Dr. Niles Caulder and his mind is transferred to a powerful robotic body. Fraser will portray the character when he was Steele and provide the voiceover for Robotman while Riley Shanahan provides the physical performance.

Doom Patrol, based on the comic created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani, is being developed by Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros TV.

Berlanti will executive produce with Geoff Johns, Sarah Schechter, and Jeremy Carver, who is also writing the series.

The show, like the comic, features misfits who band together for a common cause into the weirdest and wildest adventures in the world of DC. Under the direction of the mysterious Caulder, Cyborg (Joivan Wade) unites this colorful collection of characters: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby) and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero).

What are your thoughts on the casting? Are you looking forward to the show? Are you going to subscribe to DC Universe? Sound off in the comments below.

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