Director Jason Aron Discusses Impact of ‘Back to the Future’ in ‘Back in Time’

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I had a chance to talk with director Jason Aron on his latest film, Back in Time, a documentary on the cultural impact of the Back to the Future trilogy.

The original film was released in 1985 and is approaching its 30th anniversary. When Aron started the project, he found funding on Kickstarter.

“It’s been a two and a half year process. It started back in 2013 when I had this idea about bringing the ‘Back to the Future’ documentary to the world. We had a Kickstarter back in June 2013. We got in production then. By February we already had already gotten notice with interviews with Robert Zemeckis, Michael J. Fox, and Bob Gale. We raised $150,000 on Kickstarter in the second round of croudfunding. Our channel kind of exploded. It kind of pushed us to post-production to where we are now, five weeks out to release.”

We also talked about how the restoration of the film’s DeLorean made it into the film.

“The restoration took place back in 2010 long before we were around. During the 25th anniversary celebration of ‘Back to the Future,’ the time machine was kind of rotting at the back lot of Universal and Bob Gale thought something’s got to be done about it. They put together a great team led by Gale, (Joe) Walser, and (Terry) Matalas. Together they eventually decided they were going to fix this time machine.”

Aron also discussed how Back to the Future has stayed relevant after all these years despite being dated at 1985.

“One has to do with story. It’s a very simple story and Marty McFly can be your next-door neighbor. At the same time, it touches upon these really cool themes. You have sci-fi, comedy, action, drama…you have a love story in there. They cross into different genres. I think that’s what makes it so appealing….”

We also discuss what was difficult about making the film and the technological influence of the trilogy, particularly the Nike Power Laces, the hoverboard and flying cars.

The film features Zemeckis, Fox, Gale, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Steven Spielberg, Claudia Wells, Dan Harmon, among many others.

The film will be released in limited theaters on “Future Day” on Oct. 21, 2015, the date Marty and Doc Brown travel to the future in Back to the Future Part II.

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