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Did Tim Miller Leave ‘Deadpool 2’ Over Cable?

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Amidst reports director Tim Miller left Deadpool 2 on Friday over creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds, we may have a clearer picture as to why.

According to the Wrap, Miller and Reynolds may have bumped heads over the possible casting of Kyle Chandler as Cable, who was teased in the after-credits scene of Deadpool.

While Miller is said to have wanted the Bloodline star, Reynolds disagreed and Fox decided to side with Reynolds. Adding to the casting conflict, Miller wanted a more stylized sequel while Reynolds wanted to maintain the raunchy comedic style of the first film.

Miller will move on to another Fox project, Influx, based on the sci-fi novel by Daniel Suarez.

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One can only speculate who will replace Miller and how much of his vision will be retained for the sequel. There are still no word on what Reynold’s will have in mind to be Cable and nothing has been announced for who will be playing female protagonist, Domino.

I have a few names who you can throw in there.
joss whedon still

Joss Whedon

While working with Marvel has burned him out for the Avengers, Deadpool could very well be an intriguing project simply because of the creative freedoms afforded the character. While the likelihood of getting Whedon is a long shot, Deadpool’s pansexual nature and the fact the character is one who never takes himself seriously could broaden the appeal.

Whedon’s experience with The Avengers make him more than qualified and as long as he can work with Reynolds, perhaps they could be very compatible minds.
matthew vaughn still

Matthew Vaughn

Vaughn is certainly no stranger to R-rated comic book films with Kick-Ass and Kingsmen: The Secret Service. He certainly has a self-awareness of the material he has to work with. He also revived the X-Men film franchise after the mixed reception of X-Men: The Last Stand before it was taken back by Bryan Singer.

I can see his possible involvement given his prior experience in the franchise with First Class.  Whether or not he wants to return is another thing.

Source: The Wrap

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