Dan Harmon Discusses RICK AND MORTY Highlights and Inspirations.

What creator Dan Harmon had to say about the most memorable moments of ‘Rick and Morty’

Monkeys Fighting Robots

Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will have plenty for the fans with Adult Swim’s order of 70 more episodes for the popular animated show.

Harmon spoke to GQ about Rick and Morty’s most memorable moments, while conveniently leaving out his views on the McDonalds Szechuan sauce fiasco.

When it came to Season 3’s Pickle Rick, which became a meme in its own right, Harmon talked about how he took inspiration from AMC’s Breaking Bad when describing Rick’s motivation to turn himself into a pickle. He expressed regret feeling like a “fraud” for showing a clip of Pickle Rick at Comic-Con nearly a near before the episode aired.

The episode had Rick initially transform himself into a pickle before falling through a sewer grate, working his way up to a path of destruction from roaches, rats and engaging in a vicious gun fight with people. Harmon mentioned how the episode’s reflects metaphorically on Rick’s alcoholism despite not directly referencing it.

The next highlight was the show’s non-canon recreation of the State of Georgia vs. Denver Fenton Allen with Morty as the judge and Rick as Allen with the remaining cast providing auxiliary roles in the courtroom. The entire recreation was the direct transcript from court records. Harmon said the person who leaked the case contacted him to see if he was interested in more cases.

Harmon talked about the Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s commercial with the condition that the “burgers aren’t allowed to say anything funny.” He also touched on the origins of show’s catcbphrases like “get schwifty” and “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” (inspired by the Three Stooges’ Curly).

When talking about Harmon’s Ice-T impression, he compared parody/satire to the repercussions of asking the figure being parodied for an appearance and refusing. Ice-T did approve of the depiction as a block of crystal ice.

Harmon mentioned the show’s April Fools episode with no promotion as popular as the show has become. He was constantly bombarded by fans from social media about when season 3 would premiere.

The next highlight was Goodbye, Moonmen episode was inspired by David Bowie despite Harmon’s best efforts to get the late singer to appear on the program.

When it came to fan theories, Harmon was hesitant about entertaining them with the creative implications of the show or somehow validating them.

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