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DRAGON BALL SUPER Movie Will Feature Return Of Fan Favorite Broly

This is the next film since the release of Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F, which featured the return of one of the series most infamous villains, Frieza and came to America thanks to Funimation Entertainment.

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 14

Riku looks for a inspiration for a new Gundam. This is basically the entire plot of this episode. He weighs the options on whether or not to just simply rebuild or start with an entirely new model entirely while visiting people he has met since joining GBN.

‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 51 Review: “Moving Into Dorms”

The latest episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA puts the focus back on the students with great success. After several episodes that hinge on All...

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 13

It's a duel to the death with Riku’s 00 Diver and Tsukasa’s No Name Astray. There is a lot of great action to be had with the two characters go at it with an old fashioned GP Duel. Unlike when fighting in GBN, if the model is damage it is real and your Gunpla can be damaged beyond repair. Just like in the good old days.

‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 50 Review: The End of the Beginning

'End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End' is a transitional episode. The heroes and students need to reckon with the dynamic episode from...

10 Lost Anime Which Need The VOLTRON Treatment: An Anime Abstract

After the overwhelming success of the Netflix original series, Voltron: Legendary Defender, the importance of a show having a good revival has become apparent....

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 12

SPOILER WARNING Summary As Riku comes face to face with the leader of the Mass-Divers, he will have to put everything on the line or risk...

REVIEW: POM POKO Offers Enduring Strangeness

Studio Ghibli has created many fantastic films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Castle In The Sky, and Princess Mononoke but none of them are...

‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 49 Review: “One For All”

The latest episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA is both the origin story and the final chapter for All Might. SPOILERS BELOW MY HERO ACADEMIA picks up...

The Elrics Lost Big In FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: An Anime Abstract

The film leaves the brothers setting off on their own in a world without alchemy and with the hope of stopping a former opponent’s research from causing further damage. Sad to say, this turns out to become as bad for the pair as Spider-Man failing to stop the robber who killed Uncle Ben.

What Happened With TENCHI MUYO?: An Anime Abstract

The Tenchi Muyo franchise was the desputable king of the 90s Harem anime genre. With so much going for it, how did the franchise lose it’s “essential watching” status?


Takahata would continue to work at Studio Ghibli for years as a director, writer, and producer. His film, The Tale of Princess Kaguya was nominated for an Oscar at the 87th academy awards. Truly this is a sad day for many anime fans.

What is GUNDAM?: An Anime Abstract

Considering how much information there is behind the Gundam Franchise, consider this a bite size way of looking into what many call the Star Trek of Japan.

SLOW START: Three Episode Report

The spring anime season is almost here. Before the new shows get started and more articles like this are written up, let’s take a look back at one more title from Winter 2018 and see if it was worth checking out. This is Slow Start, a series based on a four panel manga.

DRAGON BALL SUPER Movie – Check Out The First Trailer!

Though Dragon Ball Super ends with this weekend's episode, the series will continue with the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. Check out the trailer...

Live “Sailor Moon” Musical Coming to American Movie Theatres

Live-action Sailor Moon musicals are nothing new to Japanese audiences. However, the trend of adapting the popular 90s anime never quite transitioned to the...