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The OVA boom of the 80s was an exciting time for Anime, a new influx of talent and money began to flood the market....

‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 56 Review: “RUSH!”

At last, the first part of the Provisional Hero License Exam is over. MY HERO ACADEMIA delivers a happy ending for the 1-A class....

Three Episode Report: DARLING IN THE FRANXX

The Internet went abuzz about the ending for DARLING IN THE FRANXX, the show completely pulled the drag shoot, and left people wondering what...

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 18

The main obstacle Gundam Build Divers has standing before it is the shows which preceded it. Gundam Build Fighters was near universally loved. Gundam Build Fighters Try was somewhere in the middle. If the show addresses issues and themes which were already presented in the previous two series, is it doomed to failure and simply labeled a bland repeat?

Review: ATTACK ON TITAN: Season 3 Episode 40

The third season of Attack On Titan is really moving the story along much faster than in the previous season. No longer is there...

‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 55 Review: “Class 1-A”

This week's episode is a solid showcase for the wider 1-A line-up. Unlike last week's lukewarm display of enemies, "Class 1-A" is a great...

Review: POP TEAM EPIC: Tearing Anime Down (For Uproarious Comedy)

Pop Team Epic is a show which doesn’t care what you think. A show which unabashedly obliterates anime, video games, and the media in one fell swoop. It’s a runaway train running roughshod over the picnic of nerd culture, featuring some of the most high-impact comedy per episode in anime this side of Nichijou.

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 17

Well it finally happened. Sarah’s overwhelming cuteness stopped being entertaining to watch. Why did it take so long for this vapid support character who only talks in sweetness and encouraging speeches to become annoying?

Review: ATTACK ON TITAN: Season 3 Episode 39

It almost feels like the purpose of this episode was to make up for the lack of Captain Levi action from the second season. Done, nursing his injured leg, Levi finds himself having to face off against his former mentor, Kenny who has come with a group with the sole purpose of kidnapping Eren and Historia and killing anyone who gets in their way.

MY HERO ACADEMIA Episode 54 Review: “Shiketsu High Lurking”

MY HERO ACADEMIA digs into the action of the hero examination, putting our heroes on the ropes. Midoriya and the others struggle to stay...

The Glaring Thread In The Ending Of KILL LA KILL: An Anime Abstract

What is the biggest problem which comes after the final battle in Kill La Kill? After you have enjoyed enough Manga and Anime you...

Review: ATTACK ON TITAN: Season 3 Episode 38

The return of Attack On Titan opens its third season with a flow similar to the very first episode of the series. It displays a slow start but kicks things into overdrive by the end.

‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 53 Review: “The Test”

This episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA picks up after last week, and starts in on the action. Last week may have been light on...

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 16

While the previous episode was dedicated to simply showing off the new abilities of the Gundam 00 Sky, this episode decides to keep things light and ups the comedy

‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 52 Review: “Create Those Ultimate Moves”

Finding signature moves makes for a weaker MY HERO ACADEMIA. It's almost funny that the episode where heroes come up with all-powerful moves doesn't...

Review: GUNDAM BUILD DIVERS Episode 15

The latest episode of Gundam Build Divers features the debut of Riku’s new machine the 00 Sky. Does the new machine inject some energy into the series after a less than stellar previous episode?