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SEVEN TO ETERNITY Comes Back In Full Force With #10

Seven To Eternity comes back from it's break in a big way with issue #10. Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña take us back to the Land of Zhal.

Review: Jon and Damien Ride Again in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #1

The Super Sons return with a bright, fun opening to their new maxi-series. When Rebirth was first announced, one of the new comics announced was Super...


Gerry Duggan's big cosmic crossover officially kicks off in Infinity Wars Prime. Mike Deodato and Frank Martin come aboard to set the table for an epic that'll last the rest of the summer.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2 – Spencer & Ottley Flex Their Character Muscles

More Amazing Spider-Man already? You bet! Sometimes the double-shipping efforts of a comic book publisher can be appreciated. Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley's second issue keeps the good vibes going in Amazing Spider-Man #2.

Marvel Still Trying To Fix CAPTAIN MARVEL

Ever since the tragically awful Civil War II, Marvel has had a major Captain Marvel problem. This event ruined Carol Danvers and no creator has been able to reel her back in since. The Life Of Captain Marvel goes back to Carol's origin, trying to get our beloved Captain Danvers back on track.

The INFINITY COUNTDOWN Concludes, Time For Cosmic Chaos!

The clock for Gerry Duggan's cosmic Marvel event, Infinity Countdown, reaches zero. It's final chapter sets up next week's Infinity Wars Prime #1. One thing is clear with this issue, we're ready for the damn thing to start already!


With Amazing Spider-Man #1, we enter a brand new chapter in Peter Parker's life. This is the first new creative team to helm the title in ten years, following an impressively long run by Dan Slott. Writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley step up to the plate and absolutely knock it out of the park.

MULTIPLE MAN #1 – A Dead Man’s Party

Marvel's hotshot writer Matthew Rosenberg continues his recent hot streak with Multiple Man #1, bringing back our favorite multiplying mutant, Jamie Madrox! The former X-Factor leader is resurrected and re-purposed in spectacular fashion.

AVENGERS Still Not Fully Assembled In Issue #3

Jason Aaron, Paco Medina, and Ed McGuinness' Avengers #3 sees the team get closer to fully forming, but still not there yet. The mysteries of Marvel Legacy #1 are still unraveling as Loki takes Captain America for a ride.

Dan Slott’s Goodbye To AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – Short, Sweet, And Heartfelt

Longtime Amazing Spider-Man writer, Dan Slott, hangs em' up. Issue #801 is a touching final goodbye to the character and fans before the veteran creator web-swings off into the sunset.

Jason Aaron Continues His Asgardian Legacy With THOR #1

Jason Aaron's mighty run with Odinson and his Asgardian adventures continues. Thor #1 debuts for Marvel's "Fresh Start" initiative with the original God Of Thunder back in the driver seat. Aaron's superb era of Jane Foster's worthiness is going to be a tough act to follow.

IMMORTAL HULK Offers A Fresh Take On Marvel’s Classic Monster

Writer Al Ewing has been a Marvel fan-favorite for a number of years. His work on Ultimates, Royals, U.S.Avengers, and Avengers: No Surrender has landed him plenty of gigs in the internet community fantasy-casting. Immortal Hulk could potentially be the series to finally push him into the next level of comic book writing super-stardom.

BLACK PANTHER Makes A Healthy Cosmic Landscape Even Healthier

The cosmic frontier of Marvel’s 616 comic book universe has been having a slow-moving renaissance. Gerry Duggan’s Guardians Of The Galaxy and Infinity Countdown, along with Black Bolt and The Mighty Thor, have been leading the charge in making the cosmic side matter again. The new Black Panther series takes to the stars as well, Ta-Nehisi Coates looks to make a healthy landscape even healthier.

The STAR WARS Saga Ranked: Where Does SOLO Land?

Alden Ehrenreich inherits the role of Han Solo in Ron Howard's new film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. But where does this latest release rank among all the previous Star Wars films? Let's find out.

Ranking FOX’s X-Men Cinematic Universe from X-MEN to DEADPOOL 2

FOX’s X-Men Cinematic Universe spanned 11 films starting from 2000’s X-Men and 2018’s Deadpool 2. While most of the films had Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine/Logan anchoring...

Wizard World Philadelphia Celebrates Women Of Pop Culture

This past weekend at the Philadelphia Convention Center, Wizard World held their annual comic-con celebration. Among a fabulous collection of pop culture icons for our beloved nerd community to celebrate were Charisma Carpenter and Holly Marie Combs. Between Charmed, Buffy, and Angel, these two ladies had plenty of insight to share about the importance and influence of women in pop culture.

1001 Ways To Die On Film With SEAN BEAN At Wizard World Philly

Sean Bean is a god among the nerd community. His filmography features major pillars of nerdom such as Lord Of The Rings, Game Of Thrones, and Goldeneye. Other than his impressive acting chops, nerd-friendly collection of iconic roles, and popular memes, he is known for another thing. He dies in every movie, ever.

MAESTROS An Early Favorite For “Comic Of The Year”

Writer and artist Steve Skroce (along with colorist Dave Stewart and lettering by Fonografiks) has truly given comic book readers a series they'll never forget with Maestros. It's already been nominated for a 2018 Eisner Award in the "Best New Series" category, but we think it will continue to grow from there.

Bendis Says Goodbye To Miles Morales In SPIDER-MAN #240

The Brian Michael Bendis goodbye-tour is reaching its end at Marvel. This week, he bids farewell to one of his most crucial creations, Miles Morales. SPIDER-MAN #240 concludes a long journey that Bendis has taken readers on from the start of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN to now.

The Search For Logan Begins In HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1

HUNT FOR WOLVERINE begins our search through the 616 for our beloved Logan. Charles Soule and a killer team of artists get us started on the right foot.