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Review: Philip Sevy’s TRIAGE #3 is an Emotional Trip into Sci-Fi & Psyche

If you’re into weird, character-driven sci-fi and are not reading Philip Sevy’s Triage, you’re doing it wrong. Sevy’s five-part series features some of the...

Review: STEEPLE #3 – The Enemy Of The Enemy

Steeple #3 is the most surprising issue of the series, blending a unique and peculiar plot with fanciful humor and unanticipated plot development.

Review: STRAYED #4 – A Tale of Time and Loss

Strayed #4 was another beautiful issue in the series, bringing us the plot we’ve been waiting for ever since the series was first announced.

Interview: THE MASK’s Christopher Cantwell & Patric Reynolds

Fortunately for comic fans everywhere but unluckily for residents of Edge City, Big Head is back. The green, Looney-Tunes powered psychopath that changed Dark...

CRONE #1 – No Rest for the Wicked

Crone #1 is a beautifully bloody introduction to the series. The Crone, aka Bloody Bliss, is everything fans were hoping for.

Review: OUR ENCOUNTERS WITH EVIL is Classy Comedic Monster Horror

From the mind of Hellboy, creator Mike Mignola and writer/artist Warwick Johnson-Cadwell comes a new graphic novel steeped in folklore and classic monster myth....


Dark Horse Comics’ Hellboy Universe is a daunting one with its 20 plus year history, luckily Wednesday’s HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D.: LONG NIGHT AT...

Review: THE LITTLE MERMAID Is A Perfect Series For Young Readers

Dark Horse Comics has partnered with Disney to produce a new line of comics featuring their classic titles including The Little Mermaid. Is an...

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #6 A Glorious New Adventure Awaits

Invisible Kingdom continues to be a majestic read. It is entertaining and thought provoking with a unique visual flair. 

Why You Should Start Reading Mike Mignola’s HELLBOY Universe

From massive monster battles to complex character drama, Mike Mignola's Hellboy universe has Gothic horror for everyone. SPOILER ALERT: Minor spoilers for Hellboy and B.P.R.D....


Actor and horror-lover David Dastmalchian cuts his teeth in the world of comics with the first issue of his debut series "Count Crowley: Reluctant...

Review: TOMMY GUN WIZARDS #3 Brings Magic To The Darkest Of Places

Part Mob movie, part fantasy story, part visually exuberant science fiction tale. Tommy Gun Wizards celebrates all of these influences

STEEPLE #2 – There’s More Than One Way to Fight Evil

This intriguing tale continues in Steeple #2, while throwing some surprising twists and turns along the way. All while tackling some shockingly heavy debate points.

STRAYED #3 – A Tale Full Of Revelations And Plotting

Strayed #3 will stab at the hearts of cat lovers everywhere, while slapping on a bandaid filled with intrigue to keep us going in the meantime.

Review: THE MASK: I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE MASK #1 Vows To “Make America Green Again”

The Mask, the zany anti-hero that's been a fan favorite since his debut in 1987, is back in the limelight with THE MASK: I...

Review: In TRIAGE #2, Phillip Sevy’s Characters Shine

If you can’t tell just by his striking covers, Phillip Sevy’s Triage, lettered by Frank Cvetkovic, is one of the weirdest, most captivating sci-fi comics...

Interview: Stephanie Phillips Talks THE BUTCHER OF PARIS

Monkeys Fighting Robots recently sat down with writer Stephanie Phillips to talk The Butcher of Paris, her upcoming true crime/horror comic with artist Dean...

Evil Looms in the Horizon in EVERYTHING #2

Everything #2 is psychedelic and perturbing in the best of ways – creating a new form of consumerist focused horror.

Review: NO ONE LEFT TO FIGHT #4 – A Thunderous Rebirth, And Finally Someone To Fight

No One Left To Fight #4 is probably the first solid entry in Aubrey Sitterson and Fico Ossio’s short miniseries. This certainly is not...

Review: RUBY FALLS #1 Tears Open The Mundane To Find The Forgotten

Ruby Falls opens up old wounds and shines a blinding light into the recesses of peoples memory.