Cartoonist Kayfabe: The Comics Journal Issue 152, the Complete Kayfabe Commentary

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The full Comics Journal Episode!

Just a few things to expect this issue:

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* The origins of the Comics Journal (addendum to the broadcast: Fantagraphics bought the Nostalgia Journal and repackaged it as the New Nostalgia Journal, before settling on The Comics Journal.)

* Learn about the creation of the direct market and how Diamond became a monopoly. Phil Seuling anyone?

* Image comics is a month or two old and has taken 2nd place in the comic book market!

* A quick bit about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

* Frank Young compares the earliest Golden Age nonsense with the new Image comics of 1992

* Darcy Sullivan cuts promos on the Les Daniels book about Marvel’s 50 year history

* Rich Kreiner on the post-modern nature of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol series

* and the headlining main event Todd McFarlane vs. Gary Groth in a steel cage match interview that spans dozens and dozens of pages.
Supporting links for later viewing/listening:

* Gary Groth at the Sydney Opera House talking about the history of Fantagraphics

* Bud Plant’s history in his own words:

*The 1969 comicon photo with legend to associates names with the faces (Thanks Chris Pitzer)

* Phil Seuling on the Mike Douglas show in the mid-70s, before Mylar comic bags existed!

* 15 yr old Frank Miller Fanzine work.

* About 2/3 of the McFarlane/Groth interview is online in mp3 format!!!!!
Read the complete interview here:

* Red’s Tube Bar tapes:

* Ed Piskor’s comic strip about the Tube Bar tapes:

* Howard Stern interviews the Tube Bar callers:

* Dan Clowes talking about Shut Up, Little Man…

*Jim Blanchard’s Park Grubbs tapes documentary:

* Seinfeld on the Buddy Rich tapes:
*The actual Buddy Rich tapes:
The Comics Journal 152, part 2 – we continue comparing and contrasting mainstream and alternative comics. Chris Claremont, Alan Moore, Evan Dorkin, and David Mazzucchelli talk about their experiences inside and outside of the Marvel/DC machine.

• Chris Claremont’s first big interview after leaving his 17-year position as X-Men writer

• Alan Moore on the current state of comics and culture

• A young Evan Dorkin talks Milk & Cheese, Bill & Ted, Pirate Corps, Deadline magazine, comics retail, Marvel, wrestling, music, and art

• David Mazzucchelli turns self-publisher with Rubber Blanket! He also talks about Daredevil and Batman

• Justin Green’s sketchbook

• The first Artist Edition?

Supplemental links for later viewing:

* Kim Thompson Ronin 1 review (from Comics Journal 82, July 83):

* Vice interview with Issei Sagawa:
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