Ben Affleck, ‘Batman’ Alum Paying Tribute to Adam West

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As Hollywood mourns the loss of undoubtedly the most likeable Batman in Adam West, friends, colleagues, and fans have come to pay tribute on social media including Ben Affleck, who currently plays the character for DC Cinematic Universe.

West, who starred in the 1966 Batman TV show, died at the age of 88 Friday. The series was so popular he also starred in the film, which had him and Robin (Burt Ward) facing the likes of the Joker (Cesar Romero), Penguin (Burgess Meredith), Riddler (Frank Gorshin) and Catwoman (Lee Meriwether).

Affleck thanked him showing us how Batman is done.

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Val Kilmer, who played the character in Batman Forever also took to Twitter to pay tribute.

Kevin Conroy, who has voiced the character in several animated projects most notably in Batman: The Animated Series called West “a class act.”

He also posted a still from when West was a guest star playing The Grey Ghost, Bruce’s childhood inspiration from as a TV hero in The Animated Series, no doubt inspired by West’s work on the 1966 live action show.

Will Arnet, who provided the voice for Lego Batman in The Lego Movie and Lego Batman Movie said West will always Batman.

Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Penguin in FOX’s Gotham, called West a gracious and loving person.

Ward commented on West’s death to Variety.

“I am devastated at the loss of one my very dearest friends. Adam and I had a special friendship for more than 50 years. We shared some of the most fun times of our lives together. Our families have deep love and respect for each other. This is a terribly unexpected loss of my lifelong friend. I will forever miss him. There are several fine actors who have portrayed Batman in films. In my eyes, there was only one real Batman that is and always will be Adam West. He was truly the Bright Night.”

Julie Newmar, who’s one of three actors to play Catwoman on the 1966 TV show offered some parting words for her former costar.

“Stellar, exemplar, a king to the end. He was bright, witty and fun to work with. I will miss him in the physical world and savor him always in the world of imagination and creativity. He meant so much to people. A friend said: ‘The father that we wanted.’ That is a great gift, no matter how you live it.”


DC Comics issued the following statement.

“Adam West’s portrayal of Batman was a huge contribution to the Caped Crusader’s status as a true pop culture icon. His work helped bring comic books into the mainstream, and encouraged a generation to discover the wonderful stories and characters that made up Batman’s world through the pages of comic books like Batman and Detective Comics.”

“Like many others, Adam West as Batman was part of my childhood,” said Geoff Johns, President & Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment. “Watching those reruns every day after school, Batman made reading comics that much more real for me growing up.”

“Batman’s popularity will be forever linked with Adam West,” said Jim Lee, Publisher, DC Entertainment. “He brought joy to legions of fans around the world and was the gateway for many of them to discover or in some cases rediscover their love of comic books. He’ll be deeply missed.”

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