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Comic book reader, reviewer and critic. Waiting patiently for the day they announce 'Doctor Who on The Planet of the Apes'.

Review: POSTAL DELIVERANCE #6 Is No Stranger To Violence

Postal Deliverance hasn’t wavered in it’s commitment to character or challenging artwork. 

Review: EAST OF WEST #45 Featuring The End Of It All

you will be so wrapped up in the brilliance of everything that you’ll not have time to appreciate the exceptional work that has gone into producing it

Review: JOHN CONSTANTINE HELLBLAZER #2 Urban Horror That Doesn’t Hold Back

Like King Arthur of old, Constantine is a representation of England. He is a manifestation of the country in human form.

Review: INVISIBLE KINGDOM #8 Where Drama And Beauty Go Hand In Hand

With Invisible Kingdom you can’t help but be entranced by the characters and there are several that you will become emotionally attached to


Doctor Who 13th Doctor Holiday Special Part 2 fits the festive season snugly and will help pass a lazy, Christmas day.

Review: HIT GIRL Season 2 #11 Brings Violence To The Streets Of India

The warped realism of the art punctuates the social discourse at the heart of Milligan’s script and highlights the intriguing dissection of Hit-Girl as a character.

Review: SUPERGIRL #37 Starts Her Flight Back To The Top

This issue of Supergirl is energetic and proves that you can still have fun superhero comics, even with some darker elements in the mix.

Review: THE RED MOTHER #1 Has You Directly In Her Sights

The Red Mother with it's compelling characters and top notch storytelling throughout, will join the highly praised ranks of The Empty Man and Angel.

Review: MARAUDERS #3 Is Devilishly Devious

a thoroughly satisfying read, especially in the midst of the other, more serious, X-Men comics currently on the shelf.

Review: DEAD EYES #3 Brings Die Hard To The Hospital

Dead Eyes is gritty and realistic, dealing with hard hitting real life problems that are complicated by the destructive obsession of the protagonist.


In John Constantine Hellblazer #1 the creative team have produced something above and beyond a typical monthly comic from one of the big two publishers.

Review: MACHINE GUN WIZARDS #4 Fighting To The End

The concept never gets tired because Ward keeps twisting the story while Kivela and co bombard you with knock out images. The storytelling is engaging, easy to follow, and enthralling to the end.