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Passionate fan of Marvel/DC Comics. Freelance writer for Monkeys Fighting Robots, Bam Smack Pow, WrestleZone and other publications.
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Review: FEARLESS #1 Seems Great On Paper But Falls Short On Execution

Fearless could be great but the first issue falls flat.

Review: How INVADERS #7 Is Another Throwback To CIVIL WAR

Invaders #7 succeeds as a callback to Civil War but it's a fairly standard beginning to a new chapter in the series.

Review: Frosty The Snowman Comes To Marvel In LOKI #1

A sentient (and possibly menacing) snowman is exactly the kind of wonderfully weird supporting character Loki needs

Review: Eddie Brock Can’t Run From His Past In VENOM #16

Eddie Brock's ghosts continue to haunt him in Venom #16.

Review: MS. MARVEL ANNUAL #1 Lacks Skrull-Based Suspense

Ms. Marvel tries to help Kl'rt build a better future.

Review: A Driving Test Menaces The Team in FANTASTIC FOUR #11

In Fantastic Four #11, a new adversary threatened to defeat the heroes once and for all. The team was nearly defeated by... a driving test. 

REVIEW: EVENT LEVIATHAN #1 Smothers Slow-Burn Mystery

The event may be a slow-burn mystery but, with such a dull first issue, Bendis may have already smothered the flame of the fans' intrigue.

Go On A Far-Out Adventure in SILVER SURFER BLACK #1

In the span of one issue, the Surfer saves the other heroes from the black hole, pulls himself back from the brink of destruction and fights alien gods.

Why H1 Is Exactly What The Comic Book Industry Needs

With H1, Humanoids could revolutionize the comic book industry.

How JUSTICE LEAGUE #25 Plunges DC Into “Year Of The Villain”

With Justice League #25, writer James Tynion IV delivers a riveting prologue to “Year of the Villain,��� DC’s upcoming company-wide event. By the end of the issue, the reader will be left begging for the official introduction to the expansive crossover.


Does this count as a vacation for "the world's loneliest detective?" Watching Batman come face-to-face with a dark version of himself isn't a new experience; Last year, DC churned out an extensive event primarily focused on the idea. Still, in Detective Comics Annual #2, writer Peter J. Tomasi revitalizes an idea plenty of Batman stories have explored over the years.