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Writer for geeky websites. Maker of short films with extremely self explanatory titles, like "Hats" and "The Note." Writer of feature film and TV scripts. Not real ones. Eagerly waiting for the day I'll stumble into Joss Whedon in the middle of the street. We will discuss Buffy and Angel for 3 hours over coffee, and then he will realize that I'm clearly the man to replace him. He will then teach me the ways of the Whedon, and I will honor him by becoming his greatest pupil. Then one day I will betray him. I will throw him down a reactor shaft and promptly take over Mutant Enemy productions. My first act as Mutant Enemy overlord will be to immediately order new seasons of Buffy and Angel, with the entire original casts returning. The updated series will be greater than ever under my leadership, and will continue with mandatory renewals until the end of time. You're welcome.
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