Allan Heinberg to Pen ABC Marvel TV Female Superhero Series

Show could be a female superhero team.

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Allan Heinberg, who helped write DC Extended Universe film Wonder Woman, has another live action projected lined up for Marvel to bring more female superheroes to TV.

ABC greenlit the untitled hour-long drama from Heinberg, Marvel Television and ABC Studios, according to Deadline.

Heinberg’s no stranger to comic megaconglorate writing the animated Young Avengers and its sequel, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade with co-creator and artist Jim Cheung.

Details remain scarce as any typical Marvel project in a development stage would be expected. What is likely to happen similar to The Defenders TV shows on Netflix, Cloak and Dagger, The Runaways, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the show will likely remain consistent in focusing on lesser known characters it’s cinematic universe.


Possible female superhero team ups Deadline suggests include A-Force, Lady Liberators, and Fearless Defenders.

ABC’s relationship with Marvel under the Disney umbrella has been mixed. While ABC Studios developed the successful Jessica Jones as part of The Defenders world on Netflix, the ABC network had more failures than successes. AoS is entering its presumably its final season; Agent Carter was critically acclaimed, but was cancelled after two seasons; and Inhumans was a mitigated disaster that lasted only one season.

What could have spurned interest? Was it that most of the MCU features them as auxiliary characters as opposed to the sole focus like Jessica Jones? Was it the overwhelming positive reception to DC’s Wonder Woman and her appearance in three DCEU films including her own solo film? Was it the positive reception from Captain Marvel from their its trailer? Who knows?

What band of heroes do you hope the next Marvel TV series focuses on? Sound off on the comments below.