ALF Reboot Being Developed from Warner Bros. TV

The most memorable wise-cracking beloved 80s sitcom alien could be returning to TV again.

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ALF, the beloved wise-cracking alien from the 80s, may be the latest TV show on the reboot train courtesy of Warner Bros. TV.

There are a number of directions the show can take, according to TV Line. One idea would involve the character emerging from Area 51 to find himself in a very different world almost 30 years later.

Originally running for four seasons on NBC from 1986-1990 over 100 epsiodes, ALF (or Alien Life Form) is about Gordon Shumway (voice of co-creator Paul Fusco), an extraterrestrial visitor from the planet Melmac. When his ship crashes to earth into the suburban home of Tanners, who adopts him. Willie (Max Wright), the family’s patriarch, gives him a nickname, ALF.


Joining Willie is his wife, Kate (Anne Schedeen), daughter Lynn (Andrea Elson) and son Brian (Benji Gregory), whom ALF develops a close bond with. Under constant threat of being exposed and experimented on by the government, the Tanners hide ALF from the general public, particularly their nosy neighbors. Not only are they hiding the alien to keep him safe, they also have to keep him away from Lucky, since cats are a staple food on Melmac.

In what was one of the most depressing series finales’, ALF was captured in a rescue attempt by his fellow Melmacians. The character was popular enough to spawn a Saturday morning cartoon in 1987, a Marvel comic, a talk show in 2004, and a sequel 1996 TV movie, Project ALF sans the Tanners. Since the original show’s run, Fusco kept the character relevant in frequent guest appearances on TV shows, films and commercials.

If Alf does get a reboot, would you want the Tanners back with same cast or different? Could the show work in the contemporary era?