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Review: POWERS OF X #6 – Dawn of a New Life

X-Men and mutants everywhere are set up for many years of thrilling adventure after Powers of X #6, out this week from Marvel. Jonathan Hickman's...

Review: POWERS OF X #5 – SOCIETY!! Are They Destined to Fail?

The entire scope of Xavier's plans are further revealed in Powers of X #5, out this week from Marvel Comics. As you've surely figured out...

Review: POWERS OF X #4: The Introduction Of The Sassiest Sinister

Jonathon Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X stories are proving to be classics and Powers of X #4 is no exception. Hickman’s...

POWERS OF X #3: A Plot To Unplug Nimrod

This week POWERS OF X #3 drops a fast-paced test of how well you've been paying attention to Jonathan Hickman's bold vision. We spend all our time in Year One Hundred and see a plan unfold intended to unplug Nimrod.

POWERS OF X #2 – “We Are Together, Or We Are Nothing”

POWERS OF X #2 unleashes the next wave of Hickman's X-Men vision this week. Simply put, there's no valid excuse for X-Men fans not to be reading this.

Review: POWERS OF X #1 – A New Epic Beginning For The X-Men

Jonathon Hickman’s Powers of X #1 gives fans tangible evidence that his run will be one of X-Men’s best. The art team consisting of...

HELLBOY: A Series on the Powers of Evil and Redemption

With Hellboy Winter Special 2019 hitting shelves this week, readers get the chance to delve back into the Mignolaverse. We see a miserly ghost...

Review: COLLAPSER #2 – Incredible New Powers or Unfortunate New Sickness?

Take some Moon Knight, mix vigorously with Event Horizon, bring to a boil, stir in some Norman Osborne, add travel through time and space for taste...

FUTURE FOUNDATION #1 – Powers Siblings Join The Team

Spinning out of the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR this week is the newest incarnation of FUTURE FOUNDATION. There's plenty of juicy sci-fi plotting in this debut issue, but not without some visual growing pains.