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Review: HOUSE OF X #6 – Poor Apocalypse Has No Friends

The living island becomes home to a thriving mutant society in House of X #6 out this week from Marvel. Jonathan Hickman is the man...

HOUSE OF X #5 – Get Ready For Your Mind To Be Blown

This week Marvel's mutant mania continues with HOUSE OF X #5. Jonathan Hickman's brain keeps spilling brilliance right into our hearts and minds, this chapter is particularly creative.

HOUSE OF X #4 – High-Octane Devastation

HOUSE OF X #4 drops this week from Marvel Comics. Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz deliver a pulse-pounding issue that doles out multiple gut punches.

HOUSE OF X #3 Catapults The X-Men Narrative To New Heights

House of X #3 may start slow as the plot builds but ends with a bang that will make you (e)Xcited for the next...

HOUSE OF X #2 – Changing X-Men History

HOUSE OF X #2 focuses on one Moira MacTaggert, altering the character's entire history in a highly ambitious manner. Hickman's vision for the X-Men is no joke, this is the book fans have been begging for years for.

HOUSE OF X #1 – Hickman Almighty

A new era for the X-Men begins in HOUSE OF X #1. Strap yourselves in, Hickman has schematics for a whole new world for the magnificent mutants of Marvel.

Review: DUNE HOUSE ATREIDES #2 Settles Into Its Style and Starts To Gather Speed

With a host of characters and expanding plots, Dune House Atreides #2 is a satisfying read and it’s beginning to feel a lot more like Dune.

Advanced Review: HOME SICK PILOTS #1 – Monster House for Punk Adults

HOME SICK PILOTS #1, out on December 9th from Image Comics, is the first issue of an ongoing series by writer Dan Watters, artist...

Review: DUNE HOUSE ATREIDES #1 The First Grain In A Massive Desert

Dune House Atreides is a magnificent introduction to the web like narrative of the Dune saga and a great first issue for a new series.