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Review: ULTRAMAN: MYSTERY OF ULTRASEVEN #2 – Dan And Ultraseven Bond

Ultraman: Mystery of Ultraseven #2 continues to unveil the mysteries introduced in the first issue. The questions surrounding what really happened with Dan Moriboshi are addressed. This latest installment in this entertaining mini-series comes thanks to Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom (writing), Davide Tinto (art), Espen Grundetjern (coloring) and...

Review: SUNBURN Draws You In And Plays With Your Emotions

With Sunburn, Andi Watson and Simon Gane have created a wonderful romance novel that is packed with emotional connections to people and places.

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INTERVIEW: Patton Oswalt, Jordan Blum and Scott Hepburn on MINOR THREATS

Minor Threats, from Dark Horse Comics, is one of the year’s best new comics. Co-written by comedian Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum (who worked together on Hulu’s excellent M.O.D.O.K series) with pencils by Scott Hepburn (Deadpool/Drax, Spider-man and Deadpool), Minor Threats tells the tale of a bunch of low-level...

REVIEW: A LEGACY OF VIOLENCE #1 Weaves A Creepy Tale Of Intrigue

Anytime I see the name Cullen Bunn attached to a comic book, my interest is immediately piqued. Bunn has earned credit in the industry with his work on Uncanny X-Men and his horror work on Harrow County. On October 5, his newest book, A Legacy of Violence, hits your...

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