5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your First Convention

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Alright guys, it’s convention season. The season where all things nerd, fandom and art intermingle in one or more awesome stops in your very own city. Or, if you like to travel, someone else’s city. Whether you’re a recurring attendee or not, your first time never goes as planned. It turns out better. All of the things you expect end up becoming the unexpected and the unexpected makes for the time of your life. You’ll always look back at your first time with fondness.


These, from my very own experience attending this year’s Wizard World Comic Con in Minneapolis, are the top 5 things you didn’t know about your first convention.


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5. Cosplay Is Intense!


Sure, you know cosplay is a thing, but the lengths some people go to is astounding. Some people take a day for their cosplay, others weeks, others months, some even remember exactly how many hours it took. Don’t be surprised when they tell you they’ve spent 200 hours on their piece. However, it shows just how talented everyone in the convention center is. The best day to show off your amazing cosplay would probably be on Saturday, the busiest of the con.

child cosplay

4. Sunday Is Kids Day.


Sunday is the day you will see the most kids. Some convention schedules even have Sundays listed as ‘the family friendly’ day. However, even if it’s not listed, expect some of the cutest cosplayers tagging along with their parents that day. That’s parenting done right.


3. Meet Amazing People.


It goes without saying that any convention is a great place to meet people with similar interests. Video games, comics, cars, tv shows, movies, you name it, and you’ll feel right at home, regardless of attending an after party or not. However, if there’s an after party scheduled at your convention, a 21+ scheduled event, don’t ever pass up the chance. You never know what anime character you’ll end up sharing a drink with. It’s a great place to unwind and have a good time with the nerd culture you love and people who love it just as much. All in all, the welcoming feeling you leave with is one you will greatly miss!


2. So Much Art.


Of course you go to a convention, waiting to meet your choice of celebrity or waiting to attend a panel to talk about your favorite show, but you will not believe how many artists show up to a convention. You could probably walks miles and feel like you’re in some sort of art exhibit. It’s expected, but the range is incredible. Previously said, there is a ton of talent popping up in one place. There are so many different art styles, so many different mediums used, and you’ll want to buy every print in the building.


1. Post-Con Depression Is a Thing.


Not everyone experiences some sort of sadness, but it’s common. Right? You just spent a weekend being your wholehearted self, fangirling or geeking over what you love. You spend hours playing all sorts of games the convention lays out for you, staring in awe at everyone’s cosplay, buying things you didn’t think you could ever find, like a key blade. All in all, when it’s over, you’re going to want another convention experience right off the bat. Although, that will probably happen ANY time you leave a successful convention.
So, whether you have plans to make it out to San Diego, your own city or maybe you have an idea for next year, it’s an experience worth trying. If you’re attending another convention this season, kudos, because they are an absolute blast, and it’s understandable as to why you’re going back. What was your first comic-con like? What was the thing that stuck out to you most? Comment, let us know!

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Holly Wykert
Holly Wykert is a Minneapolis based writer who loves all things superhero, video games and is herself a 'brony'. Writing since she had itty bitty baby hands, Holly brings her interests to life on Monkeys Fighting Robots. Whether she's hanging out with her favorite, Aunt May or getting loose in Gotham City she always finds time to write what also interests you.


  1. Are those pictures from the Mpls event? After reading your article, I want to attend a Comic Con. Thanks for inspiring me.

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